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The Missouri Fox Trotter is a unique and powerful breed. It can work virtually any task on a farm, efficiently and gracefully. This horse is often relied upon for its smooth gait and reliability. It is a versatile horse, able to adapt and keep its footing in almost any terrain. Park Rangers and cattle herders use this horse because of its excellent ability to remain on its feet in rough terrain. The horse is fairly comfortable to ride and is more intelligent than other horse breeds. It has calm mannerisms and rarely shows signs of aggression, making this horse good for many situations. The Missouri Fox Trotter has proven to be a vital work horse on the farm for its reliability and strength. On the other end of the spectrum, this horse is used in many government agencies for mounted police. Officers prefer this horse because of its calm demeanor in a city environment. Because of the versatility of this breed, it has become the horse of choice for most occasions.

The Missouri Fox Trotter has become quite popular in the film industry, because of its mile temperament and ability to adapt to most situations. This horse is often being used in equestrian competitions such as derby races, show rings, and hurdles. In these competitions, the Fox Trotter is galloping away with more awards every year. Long distance competitions are being won all over the country, adding another tool in this great horse's resume. The Missouri Fox Trotter has also won the hearts of many tourists as the horse of choice for civilian trail riding. All over the country, the Missouri Fox Trotter is proving its abilities as the best all around breed of horses. This illustrious breed has proven time and time again, to be a strong, reliable, worker and companion.

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Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed History

The Missouri Fox Trotter is a beautiful horse favored by many equestrians. This horse received the name, Fox Trotter, for the simple four step trotting pattern it walks in. This sure footedness was highly sought after in the mountainous regions of Missouri. In 1948 the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association was formed to accommodate this magnificent horse. The Association kept breeding records to ensure the Missouri Fox Trotter blood line remained accurate. The Association has since adapted into a membership organization and has progressed into a prestigious equestrian association.

In 2002 Missouri officially recognized the Missouri Fox Trotter as the official State Horse.